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Coffeeneuring 1

October 31st, 2021 No comments

Owing to various circumstances, Raffi and I didn’t make it out during the first week of the Coffeeneuring challenge. This may make it difficult to complete the event . . . but we’ll see. And hope the weather cooperates.

Our first ride was on October 28, to an old grove tree stand which happens to have convenient, if concrete, benches, allowing for a bit of refection and reflection.

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A Few Thoughts About Coffeeneuring

October 31st, 2021 No comments

A variety of things, post-Ida, have kept Raffi and me out of commission, but now we’re about to get back on the road in my favorite season — autumn. First on the agenda is Coffeeneuring.

If you complete the challenge, you can buy a beautiful
embroidered patch. Well worth it!
This one is from a former year, earned honestly,
because I’m not a lying liar.

MG, of Chasing Mailboxes, developed the delightful practice of Coffeeneuring just over a decade ago.  The idea is that you meet a specific set of challenges over a specific time frame, cycling for a specific number of miles, while stopping for coffee or another beverage each trip.

I’ve participated in the past, and really enjoyed the experience. In Pandemic Times, the process may be a little different — people like me are still not going to spend any appreciable time in a coffee shop — but the event goes on, and I intend to attempt to meet the described targets this fall.

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After Ida

September 8th, 2021 No comments

September has not begun well. As individuals, we were fortunate and escaped serious damage.

Days later, after the waters had receded —
in an area of less damage than many.

The same could not be said of our community, which will be months, if not years, recovering. Read more…

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