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Everything in its Place

May 20th, 2022 No comments

Whoops — I’m so far behind! This post is from the end of April.

We ran a few errands on this beautiful, cool, spring day today, thrilling to the 66F (19C) temperature. That’s peak riding comfort, as far as I’m concerned!

Running errands didn’t mean, though, that we missed out on checking out a bucolic spot or two . . .

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Raffi is Back!

April 22nd, 2022 No comments

It’s taken months, with, admittedly, some time out for winter weather, but Raffi is on the road again after his November disaster.

New configuration: The battery’s under the seat, reversed,
with the horrible mount facing backwards. A small bungee
spider web is wrapped around the battery case handle,
and allows the battery to be easily clipped on and off.

After troubleshooting with a good riding friend (thank you, Mike!), and interested input from Ian, a fellow blogger (Aussie on a Brompton, highly recommended!), I set to work and did my best to resolve Raffi’s dilemma — and failed. Repeatedly. However, I did verify that his battery could be moved from its original placement below the rear rack to under his seat, at the inner end of his rear rack, and that was key to the ultimate resolution.

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Visibility Modifications

December 12th, 2021 No comments

Raffi’s situation is still being sorted, so it’s on with a non-riding post, again.

My winter cycling coat is black, and when I start wearing it, I move a safety triangle from my fall coat to it.

This is the first year I’ve worn this particular coat; I bought it at Costco in Montreal before Covid hit, and then didn’t have much opportunity. It was really inexpensive, and like a lot of things Costco, is a clever riff on a much more expensive style.

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Transferable Visibility

November 27th, 2021 No comments

While Raffi’s issues get sorted (and they are getting sorted, I’m happy to say, if not necessarily rapidly), I’ll publish a post or two which have nothing to so with actual excursions. Forthwith:

I have a long-standing policy of trying to make life tough for any one attempting to run me down.  I ride predictably, signal like mad, and try to be as considerate as possible.

So I’m a big fan of florescence. Screaming yellow and green are my friends.

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Debacle, Redux

November 20th, 2021 No comments

When Raffi first arrived, I rode only three times before the casing holding his battery in place broke. That debacle is chronicled here. I received a replacement part, and then hedged my [future] bets by strapping Raffi’s battery in place to protect the terribly-designed slots meant to hold it in place from breaking again.

This worked brilliantly — for four months. Then the replacement casing broke — this time on the opposite side from where it had broken previously.

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Coffeeneuring 7

November 15th, 2021 No comments

For our last Coffeeneuring run, Raffi and I headed to a small park I have often driven past, but never entered.

Except for the temperature — cold! — it seemed much more like a March day than one in November; the wind was high and we fought it a little bit at times. But the ride was crisp and refreshing, and a fine end to this autumn’s Coffeeneuring.

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November 11th, 2021 No comments

No coffee today; we’ve already done our two permitted Coffeeneuring excursions for this week, so this trip was just for fun.

Autumn has just barely arrived, and is already almost gone. I lived for years where there were no seasons, and hated it, so I don’t really mind the changes, but I admit to wishing that fall lasted, oh, say, twice as long as it does.

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The Most Surprising Thing About My Di Blasi R34 Folding Tricycle

August 26th, 2021 No comments

. . . has been the ride quality. When I rode my previous tricycle, as enjoyable as it was to get out when cycling on two wheels weren’t possible, I was always acutely aware of being on a large, rather cumbersome device.

That’s nothing like my experience riding Raffi. Although I expected a tricycle experience — a ride that was a bit lumber-y, a bit clumsy — I’ve experienced the opposite. Read more…

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Switch-Up on Raffi’s Handlebars

August 9th, 2021 No comments

After I added the Oi bell to Raffi’s left grip, I realized that his beautiful, original, bell had become sufficiently redundant that I could remove it.

Raffi’s original bell.

Removal was a bit tricky on the outboard side, due to a close fit for the screwdriver, but off it came. Read more…

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Rear-View Mirror

August 5th, 2021 No comments

While I’m toting up Raffi’s accessories, I should note that I’ve added a Mirrycle cycle mirror to his left grip.

A rear-view mirror is incredibly helpful, particularly if one rides on streets (as I do), but even if most of the riding is done on pathways. It’s essential for safety when sharing the road with motor vehicles, but also handy for keeping an eye on upcoming cyclists. Read more…

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