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July 24th, 2021
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I am une femme d’un certain âge and not interested in spending that âge fainting on the divan.  I thought I’d never cycle again, but that was before I discovered my first bright red, six-speed, lightweight trike.  In the beginning, I thought I’d just use it for errands, but that got boring.  Now I’m exploring a much broader geographic area, and tracking my travels online.

Update, July 2021: After a long hiatus, Road Trike is returning as Red Trike.  Raffaello is my pedalac, 5-speed, compact folding, Di Blasi trike, and my current tricycling companion, as of February 2020.

Previous Update, 25 July 2012:  I thought I was going to die when I took my first three-to-six-mile rides on Pegasus a year ago.  I came home sick to my stomach and shaky after every one of those first, short rides.

How things have changed!  Now I regularly ride 20 and 30 miles at a time.  This month I did my first 50-mile ride.  (Yes, on my trike!)

Riding Pegasus has made me so much fitter, stronger, and healthier in all ways that I’m now experimenting with riding a bicycle on local trails. Who knows what’s next?  I can’t wait to find out.

My (former) cycles:

Pegasus was my 6-speed, pedal-assist tricycle; riding Pegasus has made me strong and fit enough to ride. Pegasus found a new home at the beach, with new riders.

Arianna, is my one-speed, 44-year-old (as of 2012) vintage folding bicycle.

To contact me, leave a comment. All comments are held in moderation until approved; if you have a question, and don’t want your comment published, let me know when you write, and I’ll respond privately.


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