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Postcard Perfect – With Trains

June 28th, 2022
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It was that kind of day: the best of summer greens, just enough sun, sparkling creeks, and dappled paths.

A creek with sparkling dark water with a fence and greenery along the bank, a path next to the bank, and a lush, fully leaved tree bending over the path, creek and bank.

There must have been a disc golf tournament, judging from the huge number of golfing teams in the park, but I didn´t take pictures. The golfers seemed unusually intent.

It was also a five-train day — amazing, really! We hear the horns all the time (though mostly freight train horns, to be accurate), but it´s unusual to be in the right places to catch more than one a day.

An Amtrak train engine pulling four passenger cars.

The Amtrak train above was actually the second we saw. The first was headed the other direction, and I didn´t realize it was there in time. I got a photo, but not a good one. (And, as it was, I had to take these through chain links!)

A single Amtrak train engine, appearing to go backwards in the opposite direction from the previous imgae.

Train three was this solo Amtrak engine, which was moving extremely slowly away from my vantage point. I´ve never seen a lone Amtrak engine, except at the rail yard, much less having seen one moving so slowly.

A cheery red tricycle with a bright yellow shopping bag, stopped on a path in dappled shade in front of lush summer bushes.

Today I remembered to snap a photo of Raffi, after my faux pas on our last excursion. Since I wasn´t planning to stop anywhere, I only took his basket liner, not the actual basket. There´s a lock inside, and a contractor garbage bag, in case we get caught in a sprinkle.

When we got home, I cleaned Raffi´s chain, but I´ll likely do it again soon, after I´ve replaced the kit. It´s ancient, and I´m not sure it´s really as efficient as it should be.

Distance: 8.12 miles (13 km)

Total distance for 2022, to date: 86.06 miles (138.5 km)

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