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Postcard Perfect – With Trains

June 28th, 2022 No comments

It was that kind of day: the best of summer greens, just enough sun, sparkling creeks, and dappled paths.

A creek with sparkling dark water with a fence and greenery along the bank, a path next to the bank, and a lush, fully leaved tree bending over the path, creek and bank.

There must have been a disc golf tournament, judging from the huge number of golfing teams in the park, but I didn´t take pictures. The golfers seemed unusually intent.

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Snake Barriers

June 15th, 2022 No comments

Raffi and I made a most unpleasant discovery while out today. All along the creekside in a park we sometimes ride in appeared this hideous black tunnel.

black wood chip barrier along a creekside path

It´s probably an ´´erosion barrier´´ — a tube which appears to be filled with wood chips. This would be funny — not just ugly — if this weren´t a flood plain. See the sand? That´s left over from massive flooding — FEMA Disaster Level Flooding — that occurred last fall. Many people lost their homes and belongings. So maaaayyyybbbeee soil erosion is an issue here, except . . .

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A Longer Excursion

June 10th, 2022 No comments

Today I took Raffi out in our Element, and we drove to a trail for a change of pace.

It’s difficult to vary rides a lot in our town if you’re taking shorter trips, and I was getting bored with our usual 6-8 mile/9.6-12.8 km jaunts, so the trail it was.

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Color and Texture

June 3rd, 2022 No comments

The first blooms of summer are already gone, and summer greens are taking over. They looked especially fine under today’s slightly overcast sky.

Today’s temperature — 63F (17C) — made for a cool and comfortable ride, though the air felt slightly heavy, and I was a bit concerned about rain. Raffi carries a giant garbage bag in his basket, but I’m not thrilled about potentially having to deploy it. Read more…

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