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Windy and Soggy

April 27th, 2022 No comments

I haven’t been recording the few rides I’ve taken since Raffi’s marvelous repair; this is the first post-about-a-ride I’ve written this year.

Raffi is a Di Blasi R34, and his battery originally
sat under the rear rack. It now sits under the seat,
on the inner edge of the rack platform.

We’d had a night of heavy rains, and the sky was active this day, but it was a good bet that we’d get a ride in before more rain fell. This turned out to be the case — and when the “rain” came, it was light snowflakes, instead!

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Raffi is Back!

April 22nd, 2022 No comments

It’s taken months, with, admittedly, some time out for winter weather, but Raffi is on the road again after his November disaster.

New configuration: The battery’s under the seat, reversed,
with the horrible mount facing backwards. A small bungee
spider web is wrapped around the battery case handle,
and allows the battery to be easily clipped on and off.

After troubleshooting with a good riding friend (thank you, Mike!), and interested input from Ian, a fellow blogger (Aussie on a Brompton, highly recommended!), I set to work and did my best to resolve Raffi’s dilemma — and failed. Repeatedly. However, I did verify that his battery could be moved from its original placement below the rear rack to under his seat, at the inner end of his rear rack, and that was key to the ultimate resolution.

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