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Mileage Ridden on my Di Blasi R34 – November 2021

December 12th, 2021 No comments

Posted late, due to various Raffi distractions.

Mileage for November, 2021: 55.7 miles (89.6 km)

Total mileage, year-to-date: 120.8 miles (194.4 km)

The year started very late, Hurricane Ida didn’t help, and, for that and other reasons, we hardly rode in September and October. And riding in November, for reasons chronicled here (and linked above, under “distractions”), was truncated, too. Aaaargh.

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Visibility Modifications

December 12th, 2021 No comments

Raffi’s situation is still being sorted, so it’s on with a non-riding post, again.

My winter cycling coat is black, and when I start wearing it, I move a safety triangle from my fall coat to it.

This is the first year I’ve worn this particular coat; I bought it at Costco in Montreal before Covid hit, and then didn’t have much opportunity. It was really inexpensive, and like a lot of things Costco, is a clever riff on a much more expensive style.

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