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Transferable Visibility

November 27th, 2021
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While Raffi’s issues get sorted (and they are getting sorted, I’m happy to say, if not necessarily rapidly), I’ll publish a post or two which have nothing to so with actual excursions. Forthwith:

I have a long-standing policy of trying to make life tough for any one attempting to run me down.  I ride predictably, signal like mad, and try to be as considerate as possible.

So I’m a big fan of florescence. Screaming yellow and green are my friends.

My jacket’s a bright green, but not really florescent, so it’s got a triangle on the back, which I made from a safety vest.

It’s removable, via a clip at the top which snaps over a loop I added to the back of the collar. Snaps at the lower corners attach to mates sewn to the jacket near the pockets.

These alterations make it easy to move the triangle from jacket to jacket; my winter cycling jacket is black, and I sometimes wear it when not riding, so being able to remove the safety flag is helpful when it’s OK to be more discreet.

I use the triangle on other garments, too. I didn’t want to sew snaps on some of those, so there are also magnets at the lower corners of the triangle, and matching magnets on the inside of those garments to hold the triangle’s wings in place where snaps would have been undesirable.

The guiding rule: You might mow me down, but you’re never going to have an excuse for not seeing me! (I might mend, but I’d never get over it if one of my beloved cycles were squashed!)

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