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Switch-Up on Raffi’s Handlebars

August 9th, 2021
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After I added the Oi bell to Raffi’s left grip, I realized that his beautiful, original, bell had become sufficiently redundant that I could remove it.

Raffi’s original bell.

Removal was a bit tricky on the outboard side, due to a close fit for the screwdriver, but off it came.

Just to the left of the place the bell had taken, I attached the mount for my ancient Garmin GPS. This baby was not pricey when I bought it, maybe twelve years ago?, but it still does the trick.

All I really want to do is to track my mileage, so the lack of every fancy bike GPS whiz-bang feature concerns me not in the least!

I was keeping this small device in my belly pack, where it works perfectly well, but this should prove to be a lot more convenient. And it lets me see how fast I’m riding, too, which is amusing. (Downhill, very fast; on the flat, generally around 10 mph (16 kph); cruising on less flat terrain around 6 mph (9.6 kph).

I don’t use Raffi’s motor unless climbing a difficult hill, in which case my speed drops massively. (But we do make it up!)

Raffi’s motor is really only essential to get home; I live halfway up a hill that leaves lycra-clad racers gasping. Suffice to say, I’d never make it up on a tricycle without pedal-assist. (Though I can, just barely, on my Brompton. The racers have to go all the way up; I only have to make it up part way.)

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