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An Additional Bell for Raffi

August 3rd, 2021
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The bell on my Raffi, my Di Blasi R34 folding tricycle, is lovely, but there are a lot of pedestrians where I ride, and I wanted something a bit louder.

Also, I have small hands, and getting over to Raffi’s bell was a bit more of a stretch than I liked.

So I bought a Knog Oi Luxe bell, which fits neatly on Raffi’s left grip. I can easily flip the lever with my thumb without taking my hand off the handlebar. That’s nicer for me, but also an advantage if I want to give an alert quickly.

The Oi’s sound was a lot louder in the shop, but it’s loud enough, and it’s quite resonant. It’s not a great deal louder than Raffi’s installed bell, in fact, but it may be a little sharper, and the fact that I can use it more easily makes all the difference. So far it’s worked very well with walkers who don’t hear me coming up from behind them, which is the worrisome group.

The Di Blasi’s grip requires the large Oi Luxe, which just fit. Oi suggests that the lever be placed a lot higher than I did mine; but, as in all things ergonomic, what works for you is what’s best. Nearly vertical works perfectly for me!

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