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A Basket for a Di Blasi R34

. . . or an R32. My Raffi uses a BiKase Dairyman for a rear basket, which fits very nicely.

That gap at the front of the rear rack is important.
You don’t want the back of your legs hitting the basket!

Initially, I just bungied on a lightweight plastic basket, but this is a much better solution.

The Dairyman (the name is a nice homage to an old style milk crate) is spring-mounted, which means I don’t have to mess with bungee cords when placing and removing it. The spring clamps make for quick and easy mounting and removal.

The under-pinnings.

That’s a big plus! I ride more when I can get in and out the door with the least amount of bother and fuss. Another bonus: this cooler fits perfectly, making market runs practical in high summer.

The Dairyman is supposed to come with a cargo net, For whatever reason, mine didn’t, but, fortunately, cargo nets are cheap and easy to find. I’d say they are essential, too, just to keep things in place.

BiKase makes a similar, less expensive, basket that attaches with straps, but that’s exactly what I didn’t want, so I was delighted to spy this particular basket in an independent bike shop. A win for an independent, and a win for Raffi, too!

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