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Winter Blanket for a DiBlasi Battery

Raffi’s paperwork warned that cold temperatures are not his battery’s friend, so the first order of the day — Raffi arrived in February — was to make a thermal cover for his battery case.

(DiBlasi’s suggestion to throw a blanket over just didn’t seem practical!)

So I made a little felt jacket to go around the case, custom-fitted to keep the battery from the cold, but the handle accessible.

It’s reinforced with red webbing, and snaps around the case, with an opening for the contacts which connect with the wires to Raffi’s motor. It was a good guess that this would be sufficient — surely the equal of a blanket tossed over, no? — and so it seems. It’s a nice, neat, no-fuss solution.

From the DemeritWear website.
I put a little red outline around my patch.

That embroidered patch on the lower right corner is from DemeritWear, purveyors of wacky embroidered badges.

I don’t have any affiliation with DemeritWear, except as a paying customer. See my Disclaimer page.

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