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Back on the Road

Raffi, my Di Blasi R34 pedalac tricycle, was ordered intentionally, in early 2020, in a frantic rush to beat the global supply effects of Covid-19. He arrived safely from Italy, we rode three times, and then a debacle ensued.

Folded, Raffi’s not a lot bigger than a Brompton,
though substantially wider. And a LOT heavier.

At which point, Raffi, a charming and amazing creature when folded, too, became a fixture in our house, neatly cubed and tucked away. As a vulnerable person, I wasn’t going to cycle in a pandemic, at least until things settled a bit, and we knew what we were dealing with.As it turned out, I did other things, including dealing with a major, unexpected, non-Covid, health issue. So, when I repaired Raffi after the debacle, he didn’t go out again until July 2021.

Raffi, out with Brompton sibling.

And then we had a fine time! We took a ride to a local farmer’s market. Or, at least what passes for one in the summer. Outdoor Covid mask restrictions have been lifted where we are, so everything is opening up. (Just in time for Delta and the variants, but we’ll leave that note for another day.) We’re still wearing masks, even outdoors, and so were a good number of visitors to the market, and everyone was notably trying to be careful about social distancing, which was reassuring.

An implement sharpener who had good reviews for sharpening, and bad ones for attitude, was supposed to show up, so we brought our dull hedge clippers along, lashed into Raffi’s basket. (I kind of wished I’d put them up, like rabbit ears.) The sharpener didn’t show, so we took the clippers home just as dull as when we’d brought them.

There were far fewer stalls than we were used to in pre-Covid times, but that may be as much a function of summer here, as of the vagaries of the pandemic. We’ll see what happens in the fall, if there’s not another lockdown then.

In the meantime, we took home some amazing mushrooms, and plotted our return the following week. Without the hedge trimmers.

I have no affiliation with Di Blasi, except as a paying customer. See my Disclaimer page.

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