Mileage Ridden on my Di Blasi R34 – November 2021

December 12th, 2021 No comments

Posted late, due to various Raffi distractions.

Mileage for November, 2021: 55.7 miles (89.6 km)

Total mileage, year-to-date: 120.8 miles (194.4 km)

The year started very late, Hurricane Ida didn’t help, and, for that and other reasons, we hardly rode in September and October. And riding in November, for reasons chronicled here (and linked above, under “distractions”), was truncated, too. Aaaargh.

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Visibility Modifications

December 12th, 2021 No comments

Raffi’s situation is still being sorted, so it’s on with a non-riding post, again.

My winter cycling coat is black, and when I start wearing it, I move a safety triangle from my fall coat to it.

This is the first year I’ve worn this particular coat; I bought it at Costco in Montreal before Covid hit, and then didn’t have much opportunity. It was really inexpensive, and like a lot of things Costco, is a clever riff on a much more expensive style.

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Transferable Visibility

November 27th, 2021 No comments

While Raffi’s issues get sorted (and they are getting sorted, I’m happy to say, if not necessarily rapidly), I’ll publish a post or two which have nothing to so with actual excursions. Forthwith:

I have a long-standing policy of trying to make life tough for any one attempting to run me down.  I ride predictably, signal like mad, and try to be as considerate as possible.

So I’m a big fan of florescence. Screaming yellow and green are my friends.

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Debacle, Redux

November 20th, 2021 No comments

When Raffi first arrived, I rode only three times before the casing holding his battery in place broke. That debacle is chronicled here. I received a replacement part, and then hedged my [future] bets by strapping Raffi’s battery in place to protect the terribly-designed slots meant to hold it in place from breaking again.

This worked brilliantly — for four months. Then the replacement casing broke — this time on the opposite side from where it had broken previously.

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Errands and Other Stuff

November 20th, 2021 No comments

It was errand day yesterday, but didn’t turn out as expected in any way. First stop was a fabric store, to pick up some interfacing. Somehow I missed the implications of having ridden Raffi to the store, and asked for a bolt board. I use these at home to store fabric neatly. It was (ahem) a whole lot longer than Raffi’s cargo shelf.

I tied it in a large plastic bag, stuffed it under the knapsack I’d brought for our second errand, and wrapped the cargo net through the knot and around it all. Cargo nets rule!

Then it was on to the hardware store. Based on the information supplied by the store’s website, my target purchase on this errand excursion was in stock — 38 cans worth. I only needed two.

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A Babbling Creek

November 18th, 2021 No comments

If there such a thing as a perfect autumn day, this was it. Cold and crisp, but not too cold or crisp, and not particularly windy.

One of the local creeks was filled with madly rushing water. Is there a better sound than that of tumbling water over rocks? (At least when there’s no imminent chance of flooding!)

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What I Wore in November

November 17th, 2021 No comments

Well, autumn lasted for about two rides, and then it was 40F/4.4C, and time to get a little more serious about warmth while riding.

Out came the lobster claws!

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Coffeeneuring 7

November 15th, 2021 No comments

For our last Coffeeneuring run, Raffi and I headed to a small park I have often driven past, but never entered.

Except for the temperature — cold! — it seemed much more like a March day than one in November; the wind was high and we fought it a little bit at times. But the ride was crisp and refreshing, and a fine end to this autumn’s Coffeeneuring.

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November 11th, 2021 No comments

No coffee today; we’ve already done our two permitted Coffeeneuring excursions for this week, so this trip was just for fun.

Autumn has just barely arrived, and is already almost gone. I lived for years where there were no seasons, and hated it, so I don’t really mind the changes, but I admit to wishing that fall lasted, oh, say, twice as long as it does.

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Coffeeneuring 6

November 9th, 2021 No comments

Today’s expedition — the sixth of the seven Coffeeneuring trips — was to the largest park we’ve been to, so far.

Raffi posed under an obliging tree while I settled in for a few quiet moments.

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